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27 August 2007

Week 34: Birds & pierogi

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There is a small lake near my house which is home to a variety of birds, including a swan family. One day last week, the swans, for some unexplained reason, decided to explore the neighbourhood. We think they were just lost or confused, so after I took what is this week’s main picture, my wife led them back to their lake, using bread crumbs to entice them to follow her.

Swans on Torenvalklaan:

The alternates

The first 3 alternates are from a walk we took in Rotterdam on Sunday.

Alternate 1
Another city bird scene:

Alternate 2
Skyscraper reflections:

Alternate 3
Children using modern architecture for their own ends:

My sister and her husband left on Tuesday morning for their 1000 km drive back to Poland. The night before, my sister treated us to a last dinner, a huge batch of a Polish specialty called pierogi, basically pockets of dough filled with either meat, or in this case a mix of potatoes, farmers cheese, onions and seasonings–absolutely delicious! I documented the preparation and the final product, which yielded the following 5 alternates.

Alternate 4
First, the dough is prepared, flattened, and cut into circular shapes using some convenient implement, in this case a Belgian beer glass:

Alternate 5
Then, the filling is put in:

Alternate 6
In the next step, the pierog is closed using a special tool:

Alternate 7
Pierogi on the oven tray, waiting to be baked:

Alternate 8
And finally, out of the oven, with some melted butter and fried onions and bacon bits on top. Yummy!

The last 3 alternates are miscelleaneous images that do not really belong with the themes of the week, but I just liked them.

Alternate 9
On Thursday night, we had some close English friends over for dinner. The weather was nice and we were able to eat on the porch. Friday morning, as I came out to drink my morning coffee, this scene greeted me, which also explained my slight hangover (if you wonder about the jar of Marmite–we did not eat it the night before, somehow our conversation turned to English food and we needed to study the ingredients):

Alternate 10
On Saturday, we fulfilled a long-standing promise to our son and took him for dinner at Comme Chez Soi in Brussels, the city’s only restaurant with 3 Michelin stars (as far as I know). I have no pictures from there, but before going to the restaurant we had a beer at an outdoor terrace. This man spent at least an hour sitting with his beer and his reading:

Alternate 11
From our outdoor table, we could also look inside the bar to admire the cheesy decorations:

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