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6 December 2010

Week 48: dogs, wine and social life

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Yet more Alicante life. A mixed bag from my daily life. As I am writing this, I am sitting in my hotel in Tokyo, so this week’s PAWs are going to be very different. But last week was just another pleasant winter week in Alicante.

We have had some threatening clouds and indeed some rain, but they do provide for some spectacular views from the office:


Alternate 1
A plane comes to land in Alicante:

Alternate 2
An altogether more peaceful scene, a woman eats breakfast on a Sunday morning outside our local bakery:

Alternate 3
A face in the crowd at a local bar:

Alternate 4
A beer belly in the crowd at the same bar:

Alternate 5
The last wine tasting of the season was held on Thursday evening:

Alternate 6
What the wine tasting is about:

Alternate 7
Javier studies the colour intently:

Alternate 8
A man talks to a woman at an English bar in El Campello:

Alternate 9
A different kind of social life, on Avenida Vicente Ramos:

Alternate 10
He was just too cute not to photograph:

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