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4 August 2008

Week 31: moving

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The big event last week was the fact that we moved, from the house near the beach where we had been living since January to a house closer to the city, perhaps less charming but more comfortable and much more practical. At the same time, our furniture from the Netherlands was going to be delivered to the new house. Having made many international moves in the past 20 years, I knew that it would be a lot of work. So I spent the first part of the week enjoying the beach bar, knowing that soon we would no longer be living within walking distance of it.

More volleyball on the beach. The men eat dirt while the girls triumph:

The alternates

Alternate 1
Another waitress:

Alternate 2
And yet another waitress. This one was my favourite, since she made the best mojitos and poured the largest beers:

Alternate 3
Fellow bar patron in animated conversation:

Alternate 4
One evening I took the highly unusual step (for me, anyway) and brought a tripod to the bar to get some night scenes. Note the little girl in the foreground. In northern Europe, people put their children in bed by 9 p.m. In Spain, the participate fully in the family activities, even if it means staying up till midnight or later:

Alternate 5
It was (and is) really hot in Alicante, with afternoon temperatures reaching 40C and the sun beating down relentlessly. Our cat just looks for a shady spot:

Alternate 6
Phase 1 of the move. The truck from the Netherlands is being unloaded while my wife bosses the movers around:

Alternate 7
The movers take a well-deserved break. The blond guy on the left is the Dutch driver who drove the truck from the Netherlands. The other 3 are local Spanish guys:

Alternate 8
Sunday morning. Our new house is on a golf course. Early in the morning, the gardeners are out and about:

Alternate 9
A couple of hours later, the first golfer of the day is out on the course. I might take up this sport once I retire in 17 years or so:

Alternate 10
I took my dog for a walk in the new neighbourhood. Across the street is a very cute and curious white doggie:

Alternate 11
Cheeta and the white dog exchange doggie pleasantries:


  1. Hi Nathan,

    Another fine set of images. I especially like the ones of the waitressess with the shallow DOF. They all have a sunny summer feel to it. My favourite is the westy (At least I think it is a westy) across the street though. I would not want to think of moving twice in such a short time.

    Comment by Wiliam Wagenaar — 5 August 2008 @ 12:54

  2. that sure is a nice house, are you going to take up golf ? 🙂

    Comment by Nigel — 10 August 2008 @ 10:04

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