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30 January 2011

Week 03: Adolfo’s bodega

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A quiet week, with a couple of neighbourhood pictures and some from Adolfo’s, a bar which serves as the second home for a photography club at our office, of which I am the treasurer.

Parking on Calle Britannia near my house:


Alternate 1
Game Café is a bar on the beach promenade, a couple of km from my house. Every Sunday they have live music, mostly played by amateur bands (including one in which my daughter’s chemistry teacher plays the guitar). This particular evening’s band included Pierre, a colleague from my office:

Alternate 2
The band in action. The big portrait of Kournikova in the background is part of the bar’s sports-oriented decor:

Alternate 3
Last November, a small group of us founded LightBox, a photography club at our office. Like other social clubs at the office (Bacchus the wine club or Avalanche the ski club) it will be partly supported by the office. Hence, we must keep proper accounts and so on. On Wednesday afternoon the executive board (I am the treasurer) met at our second home, Adolfo’s bar, in a working class neighbourhood near the office, called Benalua:

Alternate 4
Scrutinizing the spreadsheets I had brought along took 10 minutes, after which we concentrated on more important matters. It was, after all, lunchtime:

Alternate 5
Adolfo’s does not have a menu. The food is whatever the chef decided to make that day. Everything is homemade and delicious. Today he had made (as the main course) what amounted to the Spanish version of a German dish called Eisbein. In Germany, this is a pig shank served with potatoes and sauerkraut; here, the pig shank was there but instead of sauerkraut (which the Spanish do not like) there was just cabbage. The quantity was impressive for four people, but we were equal to the task:

Alternate 6
This is half of Adolfo’s staff, the chef, talking to a guest. This is the kind of place where everyone is known. I doubt that a tourist has ever sat foot in this place:

Alternate 7
And this is the nice lady who was bringing us all that food and the needed lubricants:

Alternate 8
Finally, an image from Saturday night, taken while walking my dog. People are renting movies from the Cinebank machine on Avenida Vicente Ramos:

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  1. I should get out more … I *do* envy you your ability with people shots.
    A really nice set of photos. By the way, as I am writing this I am patiently downloading your half-marathon photos with another browser… takes a while 🙂
    You complain about the temperatures … in your winter.
    Summer (yes, we should be having our best summer weather right now) seems to have turned to custard here. The day started out at 13.5 deg C outside. I doubt that my first tomato crop in Clyde will amount to much. As I write this at 1.59am the rain is coming down and the size of the drops that I can hear on the dormer-window roof just above my head sound like those of half-solid winter rain.

    Comment by Brian Swale — 30 January 2011 @ 14:17

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