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6 August 2013

Week 30: wide angle

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Another quiet week of work before heading off for a cruise with the family in week 31. Also another lens acquisition–I decided that I wanted a real wide angle lens for my Pentax K5, the camera I was going to take along on the cruise. So some of the images here are basically test shots with that new lens.

It is July, and it is hot. The pets seek shadow and prefer the stone floor to their cushy beds–it is cooler that way. Here is Cheeta on the kitchen floor:

And Taco, although being a cat, he is a bit more alert:

A bench in the park where I walk Cheeta, early in the morning:

Same bench in the morning sun:

During the summer months I always have the annual medical checkup at the office, which among other things involves bringing a urine sample to the office. To prevent any possibility of mix-up, I always write my name on the lid. This time I decided to also include a quality statement:

On Thursday I had to go to the Apple Store in Murcia to pick up my daughter’s computer after a keyboard repair. The Apple Store is located in a large shopping centre near the Nueva Condomina football stadium belonging to Real Murcia, one of Spain’s elevator teams (sometimes in the 1st division but usually end up relegated). I explored the stadium for a few minutes:

The crossed-out graffiti in the middle of the image says “Proud to be Spanish”. Sounds innocent enough, but it is actually a sign of some right-wing, anti-immigrant group, probably the main reason it has been crossed out:

On Friday my new 10-24mm Tamron lens for the Pentax arrived at the office, just in the nick of time since I wanted to take it with me on the cruise which was starting Sunday. I immediately set about using the lens to learn its idiosyncrasies.

Dreams Come True in the barrio in Alicante. I have become a big aficionado of wall art and plan to make a Blurb book of it:

The Habemus Birra beer shop:

Take-away food at our local Carrefour supermarket:

On Saturday, we took the pets to their hotel. The dog likes it there, since there is a playground and even a doggie spa. But Taco hates it and considers it a prison sentence. Usually when we just go away for a weekend, we leave him at home with enough food and water, but for a weeklong trip he has to go to the kittie prison. He was not happy at all:

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