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30 July 2008

Week 30: tiki bar

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Another week of summer life in Alicante.

Among us photographers, we sometimes talk about the terrifying creature called SWMBO, or She Who Must Be Obeyed. She lurks around to see if we have acquired any new equipment, and woe be unto the husband if a new lens is discovered:

The alternates

Alternate 1
Alicante airport is one of the busiest in Spain, with 95% of all travelers being sun seekers from Northern Europe. Some are already very tired upon arrival:

Alternate 2
On Sunday I took a short motorcycle ride, and stopped to take some pictures of an abandoned farm house, a sight common in Spain:

Alternate 3
Spain has many laws on the books. However, actual compliance with those laws can be spotty. Here is a sign along a mountain road, promising huge fines for dumping garbage. Clearly, the threat is not very effective:

The rest of the images are from our beach. Regular visitors to the site may get bored with the beach and babes, but well, that is what life revolves around in July in Alicante…

Alternate 4
Along our beach, some creative graffiti:

Alternate 5
The beach bar we go to, on a moonlit night:

Alternate 6
A guest tries to hit on the bargirl:

Alternate 7
Same beach bar, now during the day, with a hard-working waitress:

Alternate 8
It is not just us dirty old men who look at the girls. These two señoritas are clearly checking out the guys at the neighbouring “table”:

Alternate 9
We go there to watch the sports, however:

Alternate 10
This couple were not interested in the volleyball:

Alternate 11
The bar is nice, but it is about 1.5 km walk from our house. Late at night at this time of year, it is still quite warm. So one evening, after arriving home from the bar, the family decided on a dip in the pool:

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