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16 March 2007

Week 10: Vernissage Bxl

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One day during the week I had to go to The Hague to pick up some prints for an exhibition in April. Afterwards, I went for a brief walk in and around Chinatown. I don’t know The Hague very well, so it was a walk of discovery. The weather was nice, and so main image is a street illuminated by the late afternoon sun.

The alternates

The first two alternates were also made during that same walk in The Hague.
Alternate 1:
The entrance to a “smart shop”, which is Dutch for a head shop that also sells hallucinogenic mushrooms and the like:

Alternate 2:
A half-headless statue:

The remaining images are from Sunday afternoon in Brussels. I was there to attend the vernissage of an exhibition at the American Women’s Club in Rhode-St-Genese, in which I also had a couple of images.

Alternate 3:
As is usually the case at such events, some people studied the images seriously:

Alternate 4:
Trevor Waldron, an English photographer living in Brussels, shows the President of Women’s Club around the exhibition:

Alternate 5:
Other visitors used the vernissage as a social event, in their own ways:

Alternate 6:
This little boy was not interested in images:

Alternate 7:
Not at all interested in the images:

After the vernissage, we drove to the suburb of Overijse, where we lived from 1995 to 2000. We wanted to show our daughter where she had spent the first 5 years of her life. The last three alternates are from there.

Alternate 8:
The guard dog (?) of a shop on Stationstraat, the main street in Overijse:

Alternate 9:
We lived in this house for five years. It is now being remodeled and is for rent again:

Alternate 10:
This used to be our backyard view. My children used to play on the now defunct swing in the corner:


  1. Hey Nathan- Particularly like Alt. 9- the lines, the windows- the light- it all works. So very good- VRR

    Comment by Roger — 16 March 2007 @ 23:30

  2. Hmm – I like alt4 – that’s my picture behind Trevor’s head! (The € statue)

    Comment by Jez — 7 August 2007 @ 18:49

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