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26 July 2009

Week 29: human traffic

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This week I offer two groups of images. The first five were taken while walking my dog in the neighbourhood in Playa San Juan where I live. The rest were taken in the centre of Alicante, mostly on Friday afternoon when I offered to take my wife and daughter shopping in a fit of madness; but I was not mad enough to actually enter the department store, preferring instead to hang around outside and observe the human traffic.

Father and son enjoy photography together:

The alternates

Alternate 1
Two generations of women, Avenida Vicente Ramos:

Alternate 2
Evening at El Sitio:

Alternate 3
Father cycles with his daughter, Avenida Vicente Ramos:

Alternate 4
Changing gears requires further explanation:

Alternate 5
Every Sunday there is a small Belgian-style brocante (antiques market) outside the Alicante city hall. I sometimes go to look at the buyers and sellers. It is apparent that for many of them, this market is a social occasion more than a place to buy and sell. Here, these two gentlemen were engaged in some intense discussion. While this gesture looks hostile, there was no hostility in evidence:

Alternate 6
The main seaside street in the centre, Esplanada de España, is one big bazaar during the tourist season (also the rest of the year, but to a lesser extent):

Alternate 7
In a small park near the main shopping street a man blows giant soap bubbles to entertain the children. As far as I could tell, he was not asking for money:

Alternate 8
Having a smoke outside El Corte Inglés, the largest department store in Alicante. My wife and daughter spent about 2 hours inside; I stayed outside, only venturing inside for a minute or two when I got too hot:

Alternate 9
Lottery vendor outside El Corte Inglés:

Alternate 10

Alternate 11
Napping. There are sellers of these sticks everywhere. I have no idea what they are called but one day I asked one of the vendors what they are for. He told me that people chew on them to cure bad breath; no further health claims were made:

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  1. Dear Nathan:
    I was lucky to catch these on the first go round of LUG publication. You make Alicante come alive for me- I am going to the West Coast this year, but I’d love to come back to Spain- perhaps next winter- I love the images- particularly your eye for the senoritas. Bests: Rog

    Comment by Roger — 27 July 2009 @ 01:04

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