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5 January 2009

Week 53: Wrocław and Berlin

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This is the last week of 2008 and first week of 2009. I spent the week with my sister in Wrocław, Poland, with a short trip to Berlin (only 350 km away) thrown in. The pictures I show here are little snippets that I like (otherwise I would not be showing them, of course) but that for one reason or another will not be included in the larger galleries I will create later.

We start with some women.

Like every civilised city on the planet, Wrocław has several Irish pubs. I went to the one on Plac Solny a few times to watch English football and drink Guinness. Plus, the girl in the bar was extremely cute:

The alternates

Alternate 1
In Berlin, we went to drink coffee at a cafe near our hotel. The waitress turned out to be Polish, so my brother-in-law immediately started sweet-talking her:

Alternate 2
Back in Wrocław, just a pretty girl on the street:

Alternate 3
There is a beautifully lighted tree on Ulica (street) Oławska in the centre of Wrocław, and lots of people photograph each other in front of it. Here three girls are chimping together:

Alternate 4
Two women from different worlds:

Then a couple of doggies.

Alternate 5
My sister’s neighbour’s dog has her period and wears specially designed underwear (designed by my sister) with a sanitary pad inside:

Alternate 6
Waiting outside the neighbourhood supermarket:

Alternate 7
Another snippet from Berlin. The streamer says “No airbag, we die like men”. One of the more stupid slogans I have ever seen:

Alternate 8
Smoking area outside a Wrocław bookshop. The saint looks on disapprovingly:

Alternate 9
Gate to the residence of the Archbishop of Wrocław, Ostrów Tumski:

Alternate 10
During this trip, I have put my M8 on a tripod a few times, highly unusual for me. Here is an 8-second exposure of Ulica OÅ‚awska in the evening:

The last three pictures are from my daily morning walks along the Odra river.

Alternate 11
A cold but sunny morning:

Alternate 12
The river is freezing up:

Alternate 13
The birds walk on water:


  1. Nathan, Immensely enjoyable, as usual. I’m intrigued by the diffraction stars in the tripod shot. They are so much more delicate than I am used to. Is this characteristic of Leica lenses? Peace, Joel

    Comment by Joel Wilcox — 5 January 2009 @ 18:28

  2. Impressive definition, colour saturation, and choice of subject. Thanks for the trip.

    Comment by Brian Swale — 6 January 2009 @ 11:51

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