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2 August 2006

Week 30: AMS summer

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I am not big on flowers, but occasionally I see one in my garden which veritably asks to be photographed:
(Canon 1D Mark II, Leica 100mm Apo Macro Elmarit, ISO 200)

The rest of the images are from an afternoon in Amsterdam. A glorious, sunny day, spent looking at photographs at the gallery FOAM, but more importantly just enjoying the weather and the city.

FOAM is a gallery on Keizersgracht, two blocks down from the Flower Market, and is a highly recommended place to visit if you are in Amsterdam. I frequently go there, this time to see a Daido Moriyama exhibition:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 16-35mm L Canon, ISO 100)

After seeing the exhibition, I was inspired and fantasized about being a great street photographer a la Winogrand:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 16-35mm L Canon, ISO 100)

(Canon 1D Mark II, 24-70mm L Canon, ISO 100)

Eye contact is normally a good thing, but as the next picture shows, it is not always of the friendly variety. I stopped to photograph this trike, and noticed that the tatooed guy had turned around to look at me with a not-too-happy expression. Moments after I had taken the picture, he gave me the one-finger salute; but I had not noticed that the girl had been giving me one all along:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 24-70mm L Canon, ISO 100)

I then waited for my wife and daughter to return from their shopping. I sat on the edge of the canal near the Flower Market and just watched the boat traffic passing by. There were big boats:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 24-70mm L Canon, ISO 100)

and small ones:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 24-70mm L Canon, ISO 100)

Finally, walking back to the car, I could not resist this sign of a true oasis:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 24-70mm L Canon, ISO 100)


  1. The woman with ‘the finger’ is now world-famous… not exactly what she had in mind. Good pic/good timing as usual.

    Comment by Marty — 15 August 2006 @ 19:23

  2. thanks for adding “some” of your hundreds of views of amsterdam.

    maybe on the avedon evening, we can add a few more!


    Comment by bruce — 24 March 2009 @ 10:53

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