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17 November 2009

Week 45: on 2 wheels and on foot

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The first half of this week’s PAW consists of images taken during my more or less daily cycling, while the second half are the “slices of life” that I show from time to time.

Early morning view in El Campello:


Alternate 1
It may be winter,but the campers are still here:

Alternate 2
Still sleeping, apparently:

Alternate 3
A bit further inland, I came across some kind of construction site that is used by local off-road bikers:

Alternate 4
On the way up:

Alternate 5
Bull-shaped billboards like this one are scattered along Spanish motorways. I suppose tourists driving down like to see them, but personally I am pleased when I see one that has been overturned by the wind. I think bullfighting is barbaric and should be banned, as is likely to happen in Cataluña. This is one of those bulls near the AP7 motorway in El Campello:

Alternate 6
The back side of the bull, illuminated by the setting sun:

Alternate 7
Boat detail, El Campello harbour:

Alternate 8
The vehicle that gets me to the places shown in the preceding pictures:

Alternate 9
Broken-down motorbike, on the street where I live:

Alternate 10
Tuesday night we had yet another wine tasting at the office. This is the representative of the 4 Kilos bodega in Mallorca talking about their wines:

Alternate 11
Doing research:

Alternate 12
After the wine tasting, we eat some tapas:

Alternate 13
Breakfast in a café in the centre of Alicante:

Alternate 14
Wednesday evening I went to Linda’s Bar to watch the Ireland-France World Cup qualifyer. Some concerned Irish supporters:

Alternate 15
France ended up winning 1-0 in Dublin. But the Irish created lots of chances, sadly all resulting in sentiments like this–“how could they miss that!!”:


  1. Nice series as always. Yes the campers are everywhere. Here is a picture from a couple of weeks ago from Assateague Island, Maryland. (the coffee cup outside is proof that I am up and about 😉 We were hoping that the “wild” horses would come to our campsite, but alas they were other places on the island.

    Venlig hilsen fra Bill Larsen
    Terra Bella, CA

    Comment by Bill Larsen — 17 November 2009 @ 22:20

  2. whoops:

    Comment by Bill Larsen — 17 November 2009 @ 22:21

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