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26 February 2007

Week 08: Piano and trains

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Week 8 was a bit slow, photographically speaking. But this is the challenge of the PAW: to come up with something to show, even in a slow week–even if it means photographing shopping carts outside a supermarket!


The alternates

My children are forced to take piano lessons. Usually my wife takes them to the teacher, but this week I had to do it and so of course I availed myself of the photo opportunities. In the first picture, the teacher is pointing out something in the notes to my daughter; in the second, he has to show her how to play the relevant notes.
Alternate 1:

Alternate 2:

My son has gone to ski in Val d’Isere with friends for the week. Besides financing the whole thing, I had to bring him and a couple of his friends to Amsterdam Central station to catch a train to Bourg St. Maurice at 5.36 a.m. on Saturday morning. Here are the boys, goofing around a bit before getting into the train:
Alternate 3:

And now the train is on its away:
Alternate 4:

The train station is not the world’s most attractive place at 6 a.m. on a Saturday:
Alternate 5:

The final alternate is from Saturday afternoon in Almere. One sometimes hears that a football game has been cancelled because of a “waterlogged pitch.” Well, here is one such very waterlogged neighbourhood football field in one of the less desireable parts of town:
Alternate 6:

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  1. Dear Nathan:
    I have always been a crazy parent- somehow, your pictures conjure up feelings I had when sending my kids off someplace on a holiday. The sadness at any small goodbye even when they are having a good time, comes through to me- in these images. (The personality results of the children of Holocaust survivors). The images are very effective. Bests: Roger

    Comment by vroger — 27 February 2007 @ 16:34

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