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21 March 2010

Week 11: just a normal week in Alicante

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Following the excitement of Paris, last week was just a regular week of going to work, walking my dog, and going about my daily business. So the pictures are perhaps less exciting but more challenging since I had to find them in the midst of ordinary, mundane activities.

While walking my dog, I saw this gentleman coming to grips with new technology:


Alternate 1
To take this picture, I just had to walk out onto my terrace:

Alternate 2
Sandro works in our finance department. He is Italian, and this has been a good week for him. Ferrari won the first F1 race of the season, and then Inter Milan eliminated Chelsea from the Champions League:

Alternate 3
St Patrick’s day in one of our local watering holes. No big party, just a quiet evening at this particular bar:

Alternate 4
Friday was a holiday here, so my wife and I went out for lunch. This is what a typical lunch in a modest restaurant starts with: good bread and salad to share:

Alternate 5
At the neighbouring table, a large family was having lunch. I liked the interaction between the grandfather and baby grandchild:

Alternate 6
Saturday morning was foggy, so I went down to one of the local beaches:

I continue to be fascinated by wall art. There is a lot of it around here, and it goes well beyond graffiti.

Alternate 7
A local hardware shop:

Alternate 8
The wall of a local school:

Alternate 9
Same wall of a local school, different section:

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