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1 June 2008

Week 22: rainbow etc

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You may get the impression that I am a bit of a barfly…and you will be correct. I do enjoy a beer or two at the many bars here, especially because the weather is good most of the time and one can sit outside and photograph interesting things and people.

In that vein, on Wednesday evening my wife and I were sitting at an English bar in El Campello, talking and enjoying ourselves. Next to us was a Belgian bar, which of course held great interest for me, so I resolved to go back the next day. Here is the waitress from the Belgian bar:

The alternates

Alternate 1
Then it started raining. It was a brief spring shower, but it did force us inside. The rain did not last long, and shortly after it stopped, the sun came back out. Some of the other bar patrons heard me say “I bet there is a rainbow” and went outside to have a look:

Alternate 2
This is what they were looking at:

Alternate 3
More of the same:

Alternate 4
Even before the rain had stopped completely, people were back out on the promenade:

Alternate 5
The next day I went to the Belgian bar next door. They had good beer on tap, and I met a nice family of French-speaking Belgians. The elderly couple have retired to Alicante, and their son (with the doggie in his lap) was visiting them from Brussels:

Alternate 6
Earlier in the week, we found ourselves in Muchamiel, a somewhat dumpy little town on the outskirts of Alicante. This passes for a roundabout:

Alternate 7
Perhaps this is why one sees cars like this:

Alternate 8
On Thursday, my team went out for lunch, mainly to say goodbye to Renata (whom I also showed last week). She is moving to Gabon. Here she is, in close conversation:

Alternate 9
Friday was Renata’s last day. We had a little do in the office, and Renata, who is normally a quiet person, was obliged to do a little speech:

Alternate 10
Finally, no week can be complete without a catch of an attractive girl. Here is one at our tapas place Lizarran, unfortunately in the lap of a boyfriend:

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  1. For me it’s alternate 4 and 8 I like most.

    Comment by Wiliam Wagenaar — 2 June 2008 @ 19:13

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