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28 August 2012

Week 34: more cycling, goats and dogs

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The last week before my trip to California was quite intense at work, since I had several things I needed to finish before leaving. But there was of course still time to cycle, walk the dog, and just be out and about, which are the activities that provide me with most of the photo opportunities at home.

Land for sale along my cycling route in the hills:

Provincial road CV775 on the way from Aigües towards the sea. The property on the left is called Finca de las Delicias:

The main square of Aigües, decorated for a town fiesta:

The village of Busot, as I see it from my cycling route. Notice the two cyclists on the left. Needless to say, this a very pleasant part of the route, since all the serious climbing is finished at this point:

One afternoon on my way home, I stopped at the Alcampo supermarket to buy the basics (we were low on beer). Looking up onto the hill above the shopping centre, I noted that someone, I am not sure how, had put up a rather large sign protesting the budget cuts. For scale, one can see the tracks of our local light rail at the bottom of the picture:

Near my home, the police have recently started enforcing parking regulation, much to the surprise of the locals. When your car has been towed, the police let you know using a little sticker on the sidewalk:

Another cycling picture, a giant Bart near the El Campello harbour:

On Thursday at the office. As if to prepare me for San Francisco, the fog and mist rolled in from the sea, obscuring the usual view of city:

Friday afternoon cycling. A goat herder in El Campello, just a couple km from the beach:

One of the goats is more interested in the leaves than in the rather dry grass:

And then three pictures from Saturday morning’s dog walk, just before I took our dog and cat to their 5-star hotel.

My dog greets the neighbour’s dog:

Outside our bakery there is a bicycle parking rack, which is also handy for “parking” your dog while you go inside to buy bread:

A strange growth in a planter outside the bakery:

Finally, late Saturday morning, we took Cheeta to her hotel. She has been there many times, so she knows the place and the owner very well:

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