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9 July 2006

Week 26: Anna & Geert

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Anna and Geert both work at the company which I manage. They are both great employees (Anna in marketing, Geert in finance), and great fun people to be around. They did not meet at work–in other words, they were already an item when they came to work for us last year.

So, when they asked me if I would photograph their wedding, it did not take me long to say yes. The wedding was a civil ceremony, presided over by an official of the town of Eindhoven, and held in a special facility used for this purpose, an old house in a park. Like many Dutch weddings, this was a very non-pretentious and informal affair, as will be obvious from the clothing. This is not the country of rehearsal dinners and going into debt to finance a party…So, here are the pictures. The images are presented chronologically, starting before the ceremony and ending at the reception in the evening.

Geert gets some last-minute advice from his mother:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 16-35mm L Canon, ISO 200)

Anna’s father speaking during the proceedings:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 35mm L Canon, ISO 800)

Rings are exchanged:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 35mm L Canon, ISO 800)

And then down to business:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 35mm L Canon, ISO 800)

Signing the marriage papers:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 35mm L Canon, ISO 800)

The couple look at the trouwboekje, a little book which contains a record of their marriage and has space for recording child births etc.:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 35mm L Canon, ISO 800)

A glass of champagne is served once all the formalities are done:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 35mm L Canon, ISO 800)

Geert compares rings with one of his friends:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 35mm L Canon, ISO 800)

Anna and Geert leave the wedding hall:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 24-70mm L Canon, ISO 400)

Behind the building is a designated photo location with a meadow and a lake and that kind of thing. So we headed there for a few pictures:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 24-70mm L Canon, ISO 400)

These were the only pictures where I actually told Anna and Geert what I wanted them to do. The first is a standard pose, making sure that an ugly sign behind them is not visible:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 24-70mm L Canon, ISO 400)

And then I asked them to goof around a bit, which came very naturally for this couple:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 24-70mm L Canon, ISO 400)

Later, in the evening, a garden party was held at Anna’s parents’ house about 60 km from Eindhoven. As is often done in the Netherlands, a song was written for the occasion and Anna and Geert were properly serenaded:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 35mm L Canon, ISO 1600)


  1. These candid shots make the wedding more spontaneous and fun – contrary to
    posed and stiff ones – and even worse with artificial backdrops ugh!

    Thanks for showing


    Joseph Low

    Comment by Joseph Low — 9 July 2006 @ 15:39

  2. A wonderful set of spontaneous well composed images.
    Thanks to your good eye and sense of timing.

    Comment by Mervin Stewart — 9 July 2006 @ 16:26

  3. What a beautiful pictures of our beautiful day!!! Thank you!!!!

    Geert and Anna

    Comment by Geert and Anna — 24 July 2006 @ 18:36

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