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25 December 2007

Week 51: Tapas

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The office where I work is closed between Christmas and New Year, so last week was marked by more end-of-year celebrations.

But I start off with another winter sunrise on the beach:

The alternates

The alternates are all from an evening out on Friday night, when I went to a tapas restaurant in the centre of Alicante with some of my new colleagues and my son who had just flown in from England the day before.

Alternate 1
Alicante has a Rambla too:

Alternate 2
The restaurant we went to has a very simple system–the waiters walk around with trays of tapas, and if you want one, you take one. The bill at the end is based on the number of toothpics on your plate. Obviously, this system is predicated on the guests being honest but since the food is good and the prices low, there is little incentive to cheat:

Alternate 3
This sign says roughly that the waiters and waitresses are available for take-away but the restaurant does not guarantee their performance outside the premises and no refunds are possible:

Alternate 4
Here is one hard-working and animated waitress:

Alternate 5
Here she is, serving tapas while engaged in conversation:

Alternate 6
I liked the sight of this guy, also in a very animated conversation:

Alternate 7
Back outside on the street, I spotted this lucky guy:

Alternate 8
Further inspection revealed that he was indeed one lucky guy:


  1. Hi Nathan,

    Another feast of fine images. Once again I find myself drawn more to your black & white people shots (Alternate 6, of the guy in animated conversation, in particular), but I also really like your colour shots: Alternate 5 (the waitress) and Alternate 1 (Alicante street scene).

    Thanks for sharing the link to these images on the OM mailing list.


    Comment by Graeme Pow — 26 December 2007 @ 10:46

  2. Nicely captured, Nathan. I particularly like the last one …


    Comment by Chris Barker — 26 December 2007 @ 11:41

  3. Hey Nathan what’s the address of that restaurant?

    Comment by Bas Steijvers — 2 January 2008 @ 17:45

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