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23 July 2010

Week 28: summer and kitchen poetry

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The summer is in full swing. I am not taking as many pictures right now for some reason, perhaps it is just the heat. But no week without photography!

My son is home from England for the summer, and one of his close friends from London came to visit. The two boys engaged in intellectual pursuits:


Alternate 1
A few years ago, when my daughter was 10 or 11, I bought her a magnetic poetry set. She does not use it much anymore (she is now 16) but the other day she was inspired:

Alternate 2
My daughter is a vegan and she loves to bake. She has a whole gallery of her sweet creations on Facebook. Here is a delicious concoction she produced the day she put up the poem in the previous picture. In her own words, this is 5-Spice Almond/Macadamia Cookies with Cherry Ice Cream sandwiched in-between:

Alternate 3
Thursday evening we went to the beach bar with some people from work:

Alternate 4
Saturday we spent on the beach, and between drinking beer and playing scrabble with my wife and children, I photographed the various vendors passing by. Here an African guy selling sunglasses and cheap jewellery:

Alternate 5
Now, this vendor is providing a truly useful service. Her cooler is filled with ice-cold beer and other irrelevant drinks:

Alternate 6
Saturday evening we went for a drink at El Sitio. I always have my camera with me, and this is why:

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