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3 September 2007

Week 35: Work & Alicante

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Last Friday and Saturday I was back in Alicante, and most of this week’s images are from there. But first a couple of pictures from my office in Eindhoven.

Susanne is our HR manager. On Wednesday, her usual child care arrangements were not available, so she had to bring her little daughter Robyn to the office:

The alternates

Alternate 1
We have been cleaning up a storage room in our building. This equipment was state-of-the-art a few years ago; now it is for the scrap heap, to be recycled in an environmentally correct manner:

The rest of the alternates are from the weekend in Alicante.

Alternate 2
Spain is a beautiful country, but the Spanish should take better care of it. In and around Alicante the sea view is frequently spoiled like this:

Alternate 3
Graffiti along a major road–in this case, it improves things:

Alternate 4
There were lots of stray cats around our hotel. They hung out around the parking lot and the hotel, probably because the kind hotel employees would put milk and food out for them in the night:

Alternate 5
This dog is not stray. He was waiting for his owner outside a grocery store, not minding being tied to a rack of propane gas:

Alternate 6
Women do all sorts of things in cars. Here is my wife, putting on make-up during a stop to buy some drinks:

Alternate 7
The Alicante region is quite arid, so there are not many flowers around except cacti. I was fascinated by the snails living on this one:

Alternate 8
Close-up of the snails:

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  1. Hi Nathan,

    If you figure that I’m still using a Dell Pentium II running
    at 450Mhz, I take a dim view of throwing even a 1998 computer
    out. Not only that, but I’m still running an HP printer, HP
    scanner, etc of the same vintage. I’ve updated the Dell with
    a flat screen monitor, a heftier hard drive, and a wireless
    modem. Everything works. I get excellent video on the Web.

    Re the shot of the High Command, how come she is satisfied with
    so small a mirror? I reckon you need a larger car. Even my 1990
    Camry sports a bigger mirror than that.


    Comment by Bob Rosen — 4 September 2007 @ 21:51

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