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21 April 2007

Week 15: Rotterdam sail

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On Saturday the 14th, I was part of a group of photographers who went sailing in the waters around Rotterdam in a houseboat. It was quite an interesting experience to see places from the water, and all this week’s images are from that day.

On the way to the meeting place (Krimpen aan de Lek) I passed this quintessential Dutch landscape:

The alternates

Alternate 1
Johan, our captain for the day:

Alternate 2
Johan shows us the planned route:

Alternate 3
At Dordrecht, our first port of call, Michiel gets ready to tie down the boat:

Alternate 4
Dordrecht is a wonderful, quaint town, the weather was great, and some people were out on the street relaxing:

Alternate 5
…while others were working on their boats:

Alternate 6
Johan’s girlfriend, who lives with him on his boat, enjoys the sun:

Alternate 7
Later in the afternoon, we were in Rotterdam, a city of many impressive bridges like this one:

Alternate 8
As usual, I was on the outlook for people going about their business, like these two ladies having what appeared to be an animated conversation:

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