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15 June 2010

Week 21: Boston and New York

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The week began in Boston and ended in New York. Until Wednesday I was basically at work, attending the International Trademark Association annual meeting. From Thursday onwards it was vacation.

I immodestly start with a picture of me, taken with my camera by a colleague. Various law firms and associations host receptions at the INTA; the one given by a large Japanese law firm is among the most popular:


Alternate 1
This is one of the reasons for the popularity of this party, freely flowing sake:

Alternate 2
At another reception, this time at the Boston Museum of Science, cultures are mixing. INTA is a truly international event:

Alternate 3
This picture is all about light and shadow:

Alternate 4
One early evening we took a taxi to Boston’s Chinatown. Somewhat atypically, the taxi driver played only classical music and conversed in French with the French members of our party. Turned out that he was indeed a classical music buff, and an immigrant from Haiti:

Alternate 5
Boston skyline during a walk from our hotel to Anthony’s Pier 4 restaurant:

Alternate 6
Oysters at Anthony’s Pier 4 restaurant:

Alternate 7
One of the things I loved about Boston was the city’s beer culture, far more advanced than anything I could remember from my 13 years of living in the US, and also much better than what I found in New York later in the week. Here we are at a brew pub in Cambridge:

Alternate 8
This is the waitress who was bringing me the excellent product in the previous picture:

Alternate 9
A street scene on commencement day at Harvard. Everyone in this image looks tense in their own way:

Alternate 10
A father and daughter listen to musicians at the Boston Common:

Alternate 11
The little girl was delightful, as was the overall scene:

On Friday morning I flew to New York and spent the rest of the weekend there.

Alternate 12
My taxi on the way from JFK to Manhattan:

Alternate 13
Walking around Manhattan on Friday afternoon, I happened upon a demonstration outside a BP gas station:

Alternate 14
Activist being interviewed:

Alternate 15
Washington Square Park in the evening:

Alternate 16
Subway station in the evening:

Alternate 17
On Saturday morning my cousin from Florida (she had come up to NYC to spend the weekend with me) and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge:

Alternate 18
This woman was wisely watching out for the cyclists, some of whom are quite reckless:

Alternate 19
One of the reasons why walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is a popular activity are views like this:

Alternate 20
On the Brooklyn side, waiting outside a coffee shop:

The final two pictures are from a shop called Economy Candy, a wonderful old-fashioned place on Rivington Street, where I was buying Chick O’Sticks and Peanut Butter Chews for my daughter.

Alternate 21
Bulk candy:

Alternate 22
Señorita in a candy store:

More pictures from Boston are here, and from New York here.


  1. Here I am away from my new home, and starving for OM news; then I remembered what extra I had to do to get the modem of my old IBM Thinkpad to work – so here I am.

    Really enjoyed all this set; agree with somebody’s comment that it might be your best yet. I love virtual tours; armchair travel. Not so keen on actual travel …

    Thanks for the trip … 🙂

    Comment by Brian Swale — 15 June 2010 @ 12:42

  2. P.S. This site is viewed very well using Opera 3.62, a 10-years-old version which is good mostly only for fairly basic html. There’s not a lot of space on this little HDD. 🙂 so Opera 3.62 is handy.

    Comment by Brian Swale — 15 June 2010 @ 13:02

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