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15 August 2011

Week 32: Meanderings and Monastrell

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Just some more meanderings around Alicante this week. Really nothing exciting happened, the summer just kept on. People keep talking about this thing called rain but we have not seen it since May and probably will not see any for another month. This is the time to be hot and lazy.

The images are arranged chronologically.

We went to the Mercado Central to buy some Iberian ham. None of that supermarket stuff this time, we wanted the real thing:

You do not want to mess with this guy:

The parents are shopping:

This is the square in front of Alicante town hall. Until recently it was just an ugly parking lot, but now it has been converted into space for humans. This little boy is more than happy to pose for his father:

The little girl needs some more prompting:

But finally she realizes that the fountain is fun:

This is Henrik. We met in 6th grade in 1972, about three months after we had emigrated from Poland to Denmark. He was my first friend, his home was the first Danish home I visited. Later, our lives parted; he was not academically inclined and so we did not go to high school together and we lost contact after I left Denmark in 1983. But 2-3 years ago we reconnected thanks to Facebook and some other classmates, and this week I visited him in nearby Torrevieja where he has bought a vacation home together with his two brothers. We had lunch, and I will see him again in a couple of weeks in Denmark:

A very typical feature of local architecture. Most houses do not have central air condition. At most, people install AC in the bedrooms. To keep the living room bearable during the day many people in small towns leave their front doors and windows open and use this type of cover for privacy:

The Belgian/Dutch bar in El Campello, one of my favourite watering holes this summer. The adults at one table, the children at another one. The Spanish do not leave the children at home when they go out for a drink:

My idea of enjoying the beach is to sit in a bar with a cold beer and watching the people going about their business:

This is a work of art I have been meaning to photograph for a long time. It was made by a Swedish sculptor whose name escapes me at the moment and is placed in the main lobby of the building where I work. I find it quite striking:

No weekly blog is complete without at least one photo taken while walking my dog. Here is a vehicle parked outside our local frutería:

Saturday night was our wedding anniversary. We went to eat in one of the best restaurants in Alicante, Monastrell. Looking at the neighbourhood we walked through from the carpark, you would not think that a great restaurant is located just a few hundred metres away:

But Monastrell was indeed a great experience, both in terms of presentation and the quality of the food. This is the main course, lamb medaillons with cucumber/tomato salad and sumac (the black stuff):

We have always included our children in our anniversary dinners, at least since they stopped needing diaper changes. After all, they are the principal achievement of this marriage. They appreciate being included and dress up for the occasion:

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