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20 August 2009

Week 32: vineyards, beach and cycling

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A very productive week, photographically speaking. In fact, my biggest problem was editing the selection down to the 24 images I show here, because I took several hundred pics during the week. The main reason is that I took some days off during the week; and also that this was the week when I started exercising daily, by taking a 15-20 km bicycle ride, usually along the beach. On weekdays I go after work, when the heat has abated a bit, and on weekends in the morning before it gets really hot. Of course I take my camera with me–I would not dream of going out without it.

The pictures are presented in chronological order.

Sunday morning, sunrise on Playa San Juan:

The alternates

Alternate 1
My bicycle on Playa Muchavista:

Alternate 2
Later on Sunday, we drove to the village of Murla, 50 km or so inland from Alicante. One of the wineries there, Peter Arnold Wines, has been selected by The Guardian as one of the world’s 10 most beautiful vineyards. So we went to have a look:

Alternate 3
Another view:

Alternate 4
The grapes that will be turned into wine in a few months:

Alternate 5
On the way home from the vineyard, we stopped in the coastal town of Calpe to have a look at a famous rock called Panyal d’Ifach:

Alternate 6
This is the rock itself. Wimps like me go up this path, hardcore guys climb:

Alternate 7
Sunday afternoon, while walking my dog, I photographed this woman photographing her child on Avenida Vicente Ramos:

Alternate 8
Monday afternoon I had to go to the airport to pick up some visitors from Denmark. While waiting for them, I snapped this typical airport picture of bored people trying to kill time one way or another:

Alternate 9
Tuesday morning I took my Danish friends to the Mercado Central. One of the vendors had her granddaughter with her and was very willing to show her off:

Alternate 10
Another dog walk picture, a woman grooming her dog on Vicente Ramos:

Alternate 11
A local café with very attentive newspaper reader:

Alternate 12
On Friday morning I had to take my Danish visitors back to the airport. Their flight departed at 7 a.m., meaning that we had to be there around 5:45. After dropping them off, I went to a nearby beach called Urbanova to photograph the sunrise before getting an early start to my working day. I arrived on the beach well before sunrise:

Alternate 13
Another pre-dawn beach image:

Alternate 14
Finally the sun appeared. I was obviously not the only person on the beach this particular morning:

Alternate 15
Friday evening there was an anime event in a park in the centre of town. Since my daughter is very interested about all things Eastern, tacky or not, we went to have a look. Here is a señorita not to be messed with:

Alternate 16
Saturday morning bike ride. At Muchavista beach I happened on the end of an 8 km run in the sand. Sounds really hard, and I understand perfectly well why this man makes a victory gesture even though at least 50 runners have finished ahead of him:

Alternate 17
Another runner rinsing his feet:

Alternate 18
Lining up for drinks–sorely needed. It was around 9 a.m. but already 30 degrees, and the entire run had taken place on the beach, in the sunshine with no shade anywhere:

Alternate 19
I continued north to the fishing harbour of El Campello. This village (really a suburb of Alicante) is best known for its beaches, but there is also a working fishing port. The cats living there look in good shape:

Alternate 20
Remains of a waterfront meal:

Alternate 21
The obligatory shrine to ensure that the fishermen come back safely:

Alternate 22
Mid-morning the same day, I walked my dog and came across these guys setting up the lights for a rock concert to take place in our park that evening:

Alternate 23
And that’s what it looked like in the evening, a relaxed, laid-back event:

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