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5 April 2007

Week 13: Den Haag exhibition

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On Saturday March 31st, I met up with fellow photographers Michiel Fokkema and Bruce Ralgo to hang a two-man exhibition Michiel and I are having at the Central Library in The Hague. The theme for the exhibition are our respective business trips/commutes, with the underlying idea that the main factor in getting images that are worthy of an exhibition is to have a camera with you and to use it, regardless of whether you are going to Paris or London or just driving from Almere to Eindhoven. At the bottom of this page there is a link to the images Michiel and I are showing, but first I want you to look at my PAWs 🙂

Michiel and Bruce are trying to decide the order of Michiel’s images:

The alternates

Alternate 1
Michiel hanging his pictures:

Alternate 2
Michiel with his two daughters:

Alternate 3
Michiel’s father-in-law browsing through the Leica Users Group 2006 yearbook:

We stayed at the library for a couple of hours, and occasionally I would go outside for a bit of fresh air and a smoke. The library is part of a large complex which also includes The Hague’s city hall, and there is a lot of human traffic.

Alternate 4
A man reading the newspaper in the lobby of the library:

Alternate 5
Skateborders performing for the audience:

Alternate 6
Football players:

Alternate 7
And finally, a girl on the phone:

As promised, the images that Michiel and I exhibit are here.

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  1. Hi Nathan,

    Loved the B&W reportage. Brings me back to Leica M days with Tri-X. A number of these scenes could have been shot in any US city, like Seattle, for example. Since we have no audio, who would know that folks weren’t speaking English. Or maybe they were. I think the BBC has taught more Europeans English than all the schools put together. The BBC even taught me English. Before BBC I was speaking American.

    Comment by Bob Rosen — 6 April 2007 @ 04:33

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