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5 June 2007

Week 22: Amsterdam morning

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One of pleasures of the summer is that the days are long here in Northern Europe. Right now, in June, the sun rises around 5 a.m. and sets around 10 p.m. So there is plenty of light for a photographer. One of my favourite things to do on a weekend morning is to take my motorcycle and go for a ride. Everything is peaceful, there is no traffic, the light is beautiful. And so this past Saturday I rode to Amsterdam around 7 a.m. to take a walk in the Vondelpark and the surrounding streets.

As I said, the morning light is beautiful:

The alternates

Alternate 1
The main entrance to the Vondelpark, a wonderful oasis in the middle of the city:

Alternate 2
Inside the park, a few people could be seen jogging or just enjoying the morning sun:

Alternate 3
Others were apparently still recovering from Friday night. I subscribe to the Kyle Cassidy commandment that one should not photograph sleeping homeless people. But this guy is clearly not homeless. Homeless people do not wear football jerseys costing 60 Euros, and they most certainly do not waste their money on bottled water:

Alternate 4
I continued to walk around, exploring the light:

Alternate 5
Finally, I left the Vondelpark and walked a bit in the nearby streets. By now it was close to 9 a.m., so the people who had not partied on Friday night were beginning to emerge:

Alternate 6
This boat had probably hosted a party the night before:

Alternate 7
I then looked down to see what I could find. Here is some bent metal:

Alternate 8
People throw all kind of things into the canals–or is this a remainder from a bicycle accident?

Alternate 9
And finally, evidently Pippi Longstocking lost her hair on Friday night:

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