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17 January 2007

Week 01: Wrocław & Prague

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As I do every year, I started 2007 in Wroclaw, Poland, visiting my sister. On 3rd and 4th January, we went to Prague for a couple of days. All this week’s images are from those two cities, first Prague and then Wroclaw.

The main image is something I am used to seeing in Paris or in Spain. But Prague couples are apparently also passionate in public:


The alternates

Prague is a city full of art galleries of all kinds. The next two images show a scene outside one such place.
Alternate 1:

Alternate 2:

Because Prague is such a beautiful city, it is always extremely crowded with tourists:
Alternate 3:

Some of them need a break from time to time:
Alternate 4:

And my last image from Prague, a sign of the times:
Alternate 5:

Then moving on to Wroclaw. The centre of the city is Rynek (literally, Polish for “the market square”), a beautiful square lined with 16th-18th century buildings and with the medieval town hall at the centre. In recent years it has received a major facelift, including this glass sculpture/fountain which always fascinates me:
Alternate 6:

Rynek is also where the people of Wroclaw celebrate New Year’s Eve, with an outdoor concert. This year it was especially festive and big, since the concert was being broadcast nation-wide and the weather was good. The next three images are from New Year’s Eve, but since all three were made after midnight, the qualify for Week 1 🙂

People danced and had a good time, young and not-so-young:
Alternate 7:

Alternate 8:

A private moment in the crowd:
Alternate 9:

And finally, an image from New Year’s Day–the big stage is being dismantled:
Alternate 10:

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