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13 April 2010

Week 14: BBQ and Sierra Nevada

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The pictures this week come mainly from two events: a birthday BBQ at a Lithuanian friend’s house on Easter Sunday, and a day trip to Sierra Nevada so the family could get in one last day of skiing this season.

Our friend Egle celebrated her birthday on Easter Sunday with a backyard barbecue. Here is one of the little guests trying the food:


Alternate 1
My daughter had made cookies as a present for Egle:

Alternate 2
Easter eggs painted in the traditional Eastern European fashion:

Alternate 3
The eggs are hardboiled, which is a good thing since the children played a form of indoor pétanque with them:

Then, on Tuesday we drove to Sierra Nevada for a day of skiing. I don’t ski; my job is to be the driver (the distance is about 400 km each way). While the family is on the slopes, I either hang around the town or explore the surrounding countryside.

Alternate 4
We had left home while it was still dark, but the first petrol stop was made after sunrise:

Alternate 5
This old Chevy was being sold by a friend of the station’s owner:

Alternate 6
The cockpit:

Alternate 7
Mountain road near Sierra Nevada:

Alternate 8
This hotel is located at an altitude of just over 2500 m (about 8200 ft for non-metric viewers):

Alternate 9
Some drivers are not up to the challenge:

Alternate 10
Ibex feeding near the exit of the ski resort Pradollano:

Alternate 11
On the way home we stopped for dinner at a roadside restaurant. This little girl was quite impatient while waiting for the food, and had to be entertained using the game machine:

Finally, a few pictures just around here.

Alternate 12
My son spent spring break with us. We went to walk the dog together every day, sometimes stopping at a local bar for a pint:

Alternate 13
Taco sunbathing in front of the kitchen. Relaxing is what cats do best:

Alternate 14
A stand at the Mercado Central. I have never understood the relationship between Armani and sausages:

Alternate 15
Also at the Mercado, the girl in the high-end coffee stand. I sometimes buy good coffee from her. I assume that the business must be down a bit during this crisis; after all, food is a necessity, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is not:

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  1. Hej Nathan.Hvorfor står du ikke på ski? Fantastisk at følge dig her! Hilsen Ole

    Comment by Ole — 13 April 2010 @ 18:06

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