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22 March 2009

Week 11: beach and dogs

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By coincidence, this week has a decidedly canine theme. Not by design, it is simply that most of the pictures were taken while I was walking around, and there are lots of dogs in Spain.

Postiguet beach, centre of Alicante:

The alternates

Alternate 1
Sunday morning, people eat breakfast at a bar on Avenida Vicente Ramos. The Spanish frequently eat breakfast outside the home:

Alternate 2
Two dogs exchange pleasantries on the beachfront promenade:

I often take a motorcycle ride to one of the small towns inland. Sunday I rode to Busot, a village I have shown before.

Alternate 3
Clearly, I was not the only one who had this idea:

Alternate 4
Busot is a very sleepy town indeed:

Alternate 5
People hang trash bags on hooks, presumably to avoid that passing dogs rip them up in search for scraps:

Alternate 6
In the town centre there is a source from which mineral water flows. You put in a coin and fill your bottle:

Than back to Alicante, and more pictures from various walks.

Alternate 7
This is the beach that is closest to my house, about 1.5 km:

Alternate 8
It also serves as a low-rent marina:

Alternate 9
A little dog is waiting while the family’s children have fun on the carrousel:

The final three images are from El Campello, the northern suburb of Alicante.

Alternate 10
A man walks home with a bottle bought at a local bar:

Alternate 11
Man and friend at the beach:

Alternate 11a
After receiving several comments from people who liked the photo above, but did not like the colours, I have included a B&W version:

Alternate 12
After taking the picture above, I asked the man to pose for me with his friend:

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  1. Man and friend at the beach: a good simbolic one… United wygietymi plecami – wspolna nuda i zamyslenie… What for? … we are still here?!

    Comment by Eda — 23 March 2009 @ 14:38

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