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25 August 2011

Artist’s Statement

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My images have been subjected to virtually no post-processing. I am firmly convinced that every pixel in every image is intimately connected to the cosmos, and subjecting it to Photoshop manipulation would destroy the sacred bond that holds together the collective consciousness from which none of us can ever escape.

The only exception are the black and white images, which have obviously been deprived of the colours they originally contained. By being reduced to the austere language of monochrome, they reflect the inherent bleakness of the human condition and the existential angst I feel every time I press the shutter button.

Alternative version, aka “The Truth”:

Most of my images are indeed not manipulated that much, mainly because I am too damn lazy to learn to use Photoshop properly. I convert to black & white usually when the image has some ugly colours which I cannot easily get rid of in any other way.

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