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26 May 2008

Week 21: sport on the beach

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Another week with no special events, so we stick to the usual diet of señoritas, supplemented with some macro shots.

I do not normally photograph flowers, but this one was different, and I liked the bee too (taken while walking the dog):

The alternates

Alternate 1
A rocky beach in El Campello with a couple of northern European visitors:

Alternate 2
People are such idiots. There are trash bins all over the place, and yet they leave this kind of junk behind. Of course, one should not expect better of people who drink this kind of “wine”:

Alternate 3
We also had rain during the week, actually quite a bit for Alicante. Not a bad thing on balance, since it means that the severe water shortage this region of Spain has been suffering for months is now somewhat less critical:

Alternate 4
Our lemon tree after the rain:

Alternate 5
Our house has a weird layout. To get to my home office, I have to go up on the roof terrace and cross it to get to my room. But one early morning last week I was rewarded with the setting moon over El Campello:

Alternate 6
The next day the sunshine was back and the temperatures approached 30 degrees in the afternoon. As I often do on such days, I stopped at a downtown bar to have a pint of Guinness on my way home from work, and to enjoy the sights on the esplanade:

Alternate 7
Old guy with modern accessories:

Alternate 8
On Friday morning, on of my colleagues, Charo, came by the office. She had a baby a couple of months ago and is on maternity leave until some time in October or November. Since the maternity leaves are long here, it is normal for the new mothers to stop by the office and show off their new offspring. Charo is the dark-haired girl in the middle:

Alternate 9
As is normal on such occasions, all the women, maternal instincts in full bloom, were all over the baby. But the men were not completely immune either, although the baby is not sure about this situation:

Alternate 10
That afternoon, I again stopped for a beer on my way home, but this time I picked a beachside bar on Postiguet beach in the centre of Alicante:

Alternate 11
I just sat, enjoying my two beers, and watching the human traffic:

Alternate 12
There are even sporting events to enjoy…:

Alternate 13
Being able to take an action shot without moving too far from my beer is always a good thing:

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