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7 April 2008

Week 14: Alessandra & Santa Faz

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I was out and about a lot this week, partly because Thursday was another public holiday here in Alicante. The main event of the week was a visit by my cousin Dan and his 5-year old daughter Alessandra. They live in California but were visiting relatives in Italy and decided to visit us for a few days.

But first some pictures from last Sunday and my usual weekend meanderings.

Crossing the street, Puerta del Mar. As the weather warms up, the women look more attractive:

The alternates

Sunday morning I visited a neighbourhood called Santa Faz, centred around a monastery and church of the same name. It is some kind of shrine visited by a significant number of pilgrims. I have no idea of the exact religious details, but wanted to explore the area.

Alternate 1
The exit from the church. There is always a beggar sitting outside Spanish churches, but this time I noticed an interesting interaction between the elderly beggar, the boy and his mother:

Alternate 2
The streets around the monastery are pedestrian, and on a sunny day, the local people put chairs outside and sit and chat:

Alternate 3
I stopped to photograph this house entrance:

Alternate 4
But then the people sitting outside asked me to photograph them too:

Alternate 5
Including this guy with his pet:

Now I owe them prints.

Alternate 6
Another one of my dog-walking pictures. Two men are playing chess in the morning on Muchavista beach:

The rest of the pictures are from my cousin’s visit.

Alternate 7
My cousin brought his laptop, but it was more Alessandra who used it:

Alternate 8
Alessandra loves playgrounds, even more when they are on the beach:

Alternate 9
Thursday afternoon they took a dip. First with some apprehension, but then they did go in:


Alternate 11
But it was more fun to blow bubbles on dry land:

Alternate 12
Friday night we took her to eat tapas at Lizarran:

Alternate 13
Being half-Italian, Alessandra likes her ice cream:

Alternate 14
The final image is from Lizarran. This particular waitress is my favourite there. She is funny, expressive, and genuinely seems to enjoy her job:

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  1. Very nice set of photos, as always, Nathan. I especially like the liveliness in the last one. The people in the street are a fine set too, especially the guy with th poor rabbit, will it ever be allowed to walk around? I envy your weather, being able to chat outside and even dip into the sea. Way to cold for that here.

    Comment by Wiliam Wagenaar — 8 April 2008 @ 07:58

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