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10 September 2009

Week 35: Busot, goats, fish and cats

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More pictures from my walking and cycling this week, plus a little excursion inland.

The beach at sunrise:

The alternates

Alternate 1
My wife and I went on a Sunday drive (!) and passed by Busot, a village in the interior:

Alternate 2
Wall art has reached even Busot:

Alternate 3
In the fields outside the town we stopped so that I could make a panorama. When I came home, it turned out that Photoshop was unable to stitch the images together for whatever reason. But all was not lost:

The next few pictures were taken while walking my dog.

Alternate 4
Cheeta and I are always watched carefully as we pass this particular house:

Alternate 5
A señorita, and fellow photographer too:

Alternate 6
Boys from the neighbourhood playing in the Sergio Cardell roundabout:

Alternate 7
Peeking in to our local fruit and veg shop:

Alternate 8
Two girls at El Sitio:

A couple of weeks ago I showed a picture of a man herding a flock of goats in El Campello. During this week, I was lucky to happen on the flock just when they were going to leave the pasture.

Alternate 9
Getting the flock together:

Alternate 10
About to cross the street:

Alternate 11
Now crossing:

Alternate 12
Only a few km from where the herding pictures were taken is the harbour of El Campello:

Alternate 13
A lot of people fish in the harbour; most of the time the catch is not worth taking home, cleaning and cooking, so the resident cats benefit instead:

Alternate 14
One lucky cat and one envious cat:

Alternate 15
The pro fishermen cleaning nets and chatting:

Alternate 16
Finally, something completely different. Our son has had a couple of his friends from England visiting this week, which resulted in our kitchen taking on that particular look:

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