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9 October 2007

Week 40: 1st week in Alicante

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My first week in Alicante was focused mainly on finding an apartment and getting settled into my new job. This meant partly the usual hassles like opening a bank account, getting a mobile phone subscription etc. But I also had some time, especially at the weekend, to enjoy the city and its autumn weather.

I am not much of a beach person. I do not like sand, and as for water, I prefer it when suitably diluted. But in Alicante there are plenty of spots where one can sit with a cold beer and enjoy the sights:

The alternates

Alternate 1
I noticed that this guy was wearing funny-looking swimming trunks:

Alternate 2
So I walked over to him to get a closer look:

Alternate 3
Continuing the walk, here is Castillo de Santa Barbara which dominates the Alicante skyline:

Alternate 4
In the old part of Alicante, like in many other Spanish cities, one sees lots of cats. Most are technically strays, but because people feed them and the climate is mild, they seem to thrive:

Alternate 5
Here is a local Garfield:

Alternate 6
Outside the town hall there was a wedding going on. I went to take a look at the car and noticed the protesters in the background. I first thought that there was some connection, but after asking them it turned out that they had scheduled their protest (against lack of affordable housing) well in advance and there was no intent to disrupt the wedding:

Alternate 7
The sign pinned to the pram reads roughly, “I am not going to have a house in my goddamn life!”:

Alternate 8
I include this picture despite its technical imperfections because it illustrates a salient feature of Spanish life: much of it takes place outside. This is a very typical street scene–two women stop for a chat:

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  1. Hi Nathan,

    A worthy beginning to your Spanish period. But you’ve brought the same
    fearlessness and technical knowhow to the scene that always characterized
    Your work.

    Do you have a car in Spain? If so, which cities are within a 50-mile
    radius of your home?


    Comment by Bob Rosen — 9 October 2007 @ 21:35

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