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17 June 2007

Week 24: London

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I was in London on business Wednesday and Thursday. Because I needed to travel light, the only camera I had with me was a Ricoh GR Digital which fits in the pocket. Sometimes it is a good exercise to have to live within the limitations of a fixed lens (equivalent to 28mm) and the inherent graininess/noise you get with a small sensor at high ISO speeds. But as usual, I tried to make the best of whatever picture opportunities presented themselves as I was moving around the city.

Emerging from the Tube at Picadilly:

The alternates

Alternate 1
Hanging out at Picadilly:

Alternate 2
On the Tube escalator. With this picture, I decided to leave the camera at ISO 100 and see if I could get some interesting motion images:

Alternate 3
Tube musician. She played quite well, actually. I have no idea if it was a coincidence that she placed herself directly in front of this poster:

Alternate 4
Another Tube scene, at Notting Hill station:

Alternate 5
The pose most people adopt on the Tube can be described as “alone in a crowd”:

Alternate 6
Afternoon–a couple walking home after work:

Alternate 7
Evening–Chandos Pub near Trafalgar Square, one of my favourite watering holes in London since I “discovered” it earlier this year:

Alternate 8
Trafalgar Square, it just started raining:

Alternate 9
Morning, getting ready for the day’s business, Sicilian Avenue:

Alternate 10
An old London tradition, as shown here on Southampton Row. Not many people use the phone booths these days, but they serve as advertising venues for enterprising girls:

Alternate 11
Another sign of the many Polish people who have moved to London since 2004. A newsstand outside Holborn station has a huge selection of Polish newspapers and magazines:


  1. These are wonderful! They make me want to go out and take some pictures. They also make me want to go to London.

    Comment by Ken Firestone — 17 June 2007 @ 12:49

  2. Dear Nathan:
    London (being my home town), is so well known to me, that the pigeon droppings at Trafalgar Sq., are even familiar. Your images of familiar venues are, as always, superlative. They also teach me that using a 28mm as “normal” is very doable. With the Sigma DP1 on the horizon with a DSLR sensor in a p/s, 28mm digicam, this is probably the wave of the future. Images I look at again and again. Roger

    Comment by vroger — 18 June 2007 @ 16:07

  3. PS: The trafalgar Sq. duck is memorable. VRR

    Comment by vroger — 18 June 2007 @ 16:08

  4. PS the Trafalgar Sq. Duck is memorable.

    Comment by vroger — 18 June 2007 @ 16:09

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