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17 May 2010

Week 19: out and about

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Whatever traces of winter lingered on are well and truly gone now.

During a walk along the beach last weekend:


Alternate 1
The trees along my dog walk route are in bloom:

Alternate 2
Parents looking on while their children play on the playground:

Alternate 3
There is a construction project a few lots down our street:

Alternate 4
One afternoon it really rained, but only for a short while:

Alternate 5
Storm cloud in our neighbour’s window:

Alternate 6
This is what my dog does when someone is having breakfast. We really have not brought her up well:

Alternate 7
As opposed to most northern countries, it is perfectly normal here for children to accompany their parents to the local watering hole:

Alternate 8
Peeking out:

Alternate 9
Saturday night we went for tapas and happened on another patron of Lizarran with a distinct lack of fashion sense:

Alternate 10
Couple in a joyous mood:

Alternate 11
Same couple, now more serious:

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  1. The two photos of the couple are very thought provoking and make compelling viewing. It was a good decision to show them together rather than to choose one of them.

    Comment by Peter — 18 May 2010 @ 04:55

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