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2 April 2006

Week 12: Grab shots

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This week I show a set of images which can be called “grab shots”, as they are all made in and around my house or at my daughter’s school when dropping her off in the morning. I always carry a camera with me, since I never know when a photo opportunity might present itself.

Some days I walk around Amsterdam and fantasize that I am a modern-day Cartier-Bresson as I hunt for interesting street scenes. At other times, I put a long lens on my camera and pretend that I am Doug Herr while walking my dog (if you don’t know Doug Herr, you MUST check out his web site for some of the best nature photography anywhere on the net):
(Canon 1D Mark II, 200mm L Canon, ISO 200)

The next two images involve cute animals. The first one is at my daughter’s school–someone brought his dog with him while dropping off his child:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 24-70mm L Canon, ISO 800)

And this woman with her dog at a photo equipment fair was more than happy to pose (strictly speaking, I am cheating a bit here, since this image was taken in week 11, but it fits in here):
(Canon 1D Mark II, 35mm L Canon, ISO 800)

The we go to my house. I am always amazed at my cat’s ability to lounge around. Since the weather is often bad in the Netherlands this time of year, he can spend hours just sitting on the sofa, looking out the window and occasionally arranging himself in the most photogenic positions:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 35mm L Canon, ISO 400)

(Canon 1D Mark II, 35mm L Canon, ISO 400)

Spring this year has been in fits and starts. March was quite cold, and many mornings I would go out in the garden to see sights like this:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 100mm Leica Apo Macro Elmarit, ISO 400)

(Canon 1D Mark II, 100mm Leica Apo Macro Elmarit, ISO 400)

And finally another image from my daughter’s school. When I drop her off in the morning, I usually hang around by my car for a few minutes just to have a cigarette and observe her interaction with the other children. Here she is looking back to see if I am still there:
(Canon 1D Mark II, 200mm Canon L, ISO 400)

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  1. Lovely frosty plants.

    Comment by Marty — 2 April 2006 @ 23:39

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