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19 January 2007

Note about equipment

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Many people who post images on the web always include information about what equipment was used for each image. I used to do this too, as you can see when looking at my 2006 and earlier PAWs. But I have now concluded that this information is not particularly relevant–after all, the image is much more important than the gear. So, beginning in 2007, I will no longer include equipment info for each image.

Having said the above, I recognise that people may be curious about what was used. As a “compromise”, I therefore provide general information on my equipment on this page, and will note deviations from my “standard” on individual pages as needed.

In 2006 and most of 2007, I made most of my images with a Canon 1D Mark II and assorted Canon lenses. This had been my main outfit since 2005. But in the fall of 2007, I bought an Olympus E410 because I needed a light outfit for travelling by air. I really liked the Olympus, and so when the E3 came out, I decided to get one, which I did in January 2008. My basic outfit for most of 2008 was the E3 and the following 3 lenses: a 12-60mm Olympus for everyday shooting, a 1.4/25mm Leica Summilux (made by Panasonic) for low light, and a 100mm Leica Apo Macro when a long lens is needed. In late 2008, I returned to my favourite system of all times, Leica M (which is what I used when I was shooting film). But now it is the digital Leica M8. The majority of pictures from Week 52 in 2008 onwards are made with the M8, although more recently, I have supplemented my kit with a Pentax K5 outfit, a Fuji X100 for taking everywhere, and a micro 4/3 Panasonic GF-1 for travelling ultra-light. All these cameras are represented in these pages–if I find myself not using a piece of equipment, I do not hesitate to sell it. I think developing an emotional attachment to some metal and plastic is silly. Pictures are what matters.

I do still own a couple of film cameras–a Cosina/Voigtlander Bessa R2M. It is a fully mechanical body that takes my Leica M lenses and will work without batteries if needed. I keep that body, loaded with HP5 or Tri-X, as a backup in my Domke 803 bag which is the home of my Leica M system. And for serious film photography, I also have a Fuji 690 medium format camera. There is something about holding a 6×9 cm negative in one’s hand that cannot be duplicated in pixels.

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  1. hi nathan, was wondering where the panasonic m4/3 lenses came into play. you have now also the 7-14 mm if the b&h comments are valid ……….. what’s it like? b.

    Comment by bruce — 31 October 2010 @ 13:37

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