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24 February 2007

Week 07: Eindhoven and home

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My main picture of week 7 is not necessarily my best picture of the week, but it is significant for a couple of reasons. It is a portrait of my daughter, whom I love very much; and I took the picture with my newly acquired Bronica 100mm lens, which I had been looking to buy for some time. It is quite rare and not many come up for sale in the usual places. So I used my daughter as one of the test subjects. The picture is made by window light, on Fuji 400CN film.


The alternates

The first alternate is also from my house. We like to cook and have many cookbooks. One morning I was looking at a stand we have in the kitchen, on which we usually keep the 4-5 most recently used cookbooks. And I realised how multicultural our family is: there are four cuisines represented here (Spanish, Indian, French and Polish), in three languages (Spanish, English and Polish).
Alternate 1:

The next four alternates are from Eindhoven, where I work. In the southern part of the Netherlands, carnaval is taken seriously, and so here is Axel, one of our system engineers, who came to work dressed up as some movie character:
Alternate 2:

Then three Eindhoven doors and windows that caught my eye as I was taking a walk while having the oil changed in my car.
Alternate 3:

Alternate 4:
The people who live here have a certain take on life. The text basically means that it is useless to think too much…

Alternate 5:
Many Dutch homes have a sign on the door saying that they do not wish to receive advertising flyers or junk mail. This family wrote it in their own words: “we don’t have any money anyway!”

Alternate 6:
And finally, a picture in a garden south of Utrecht, where I found this intriguing statue:

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