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29 March 2009

Week 12: Meanderings around Alicante

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The majority of this week’s pictures were taken within walking distance of my home. It has been a quiet week, but Saturday was eventful–my son arrived from England to spend his Easter holiday here and it was also my wife’s birthday.

As I often do, I drove to the centre of town to go for a Sunday morning walk and look around:

The alternates

Alternate 1
One of the fixed items in my itinerary is the coins and stamps market in front of the town hall:

Alternate 2
Since Sunday was the first full day of spring, we decided to walk down to the beach with our dog and let her have the first swim of the year:

Alternate 3
Shaking off:

Alternate 4
On the way home from the beach, I was amused by the colour symmetry between the graffiti and the car in the background:

Alternate 5
Grandfather with grandchild:

Alternate 6
One does not normally think of German shepherd dogs as being playful, but this one was. The man threw a ball and the dog would catch it in the air–over and over:

Alternate 7
Sometimes, when walking, it pays to look down for images:

Alternate 8
Parking in Spain is always a bit of an adventure. I have no idea how this car will get out:

Alternate 9
This is a common way to ensure that nobody will park in front of your house:

Alternate 10
Saturday was my wife’s birthday, and to make it even better, our son came home from Bath. We went to buy essential supplies (especially beer) at the local supermarket:

Alternate 11
In the evening, we went to an excellent restaurant in downtown Alicante, Robles & Abadia. One of the best-kept secrets in town. It is quite small, so reservations are a must, and you will never see a tourist there. The kitchen has a big window so one can follow the proceedings while eating:

Alternate 12
Our hostess was wonderful. It was only my second visit to this restaurant, but she remembered my name and gave us excellent service throughout the evening:


  1. In this week’s set I like alt 5 and 7 the best and the hostess in alt 12 deserves credits for remembering you.

    Comment by Wiliam Wagenaar — 29 March 2009 @ 15:10

  2. Well without question, you have one of the finest “Art of Observation” abilities of the many photographers I know! You make a casual walk about a special event of… visual enjoyment of “What the heck is he going to find this time?” Then be held in awe because the simplest of scenes, things, whatever, become interesting moments that most people miss.

    I rarely have a “special one” at any time, I always enjoy each and every photograph because of the magic in your ability to see and capture. Good on you once again!

    Comment by Ted Grant — 30 March 2009 @ 14:45

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