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13 February 2009

Week 05: Alicante-Brussels

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The pictures I show for this week form two main parts. The early part of the week was spent in Alicante, doing the usual things. On Thursday afternoon, I flew to Brussels to attend an important meeting at the EC Commission Friday. It was very good to be back in a city where I lived for several years and which I like very much.

But first Alicante.

I go to the Mercado Central almost every Saturday to buy food. Besides the fact that certain foods are better and cheaper than in the supermarkets, it is also a lot more interesting and photogenic. This woman (whom I have photographed before) has got to be the most attractive fishmonger around:

The alternates

Alternate 1
And she can interact with her customers too:

Alternate 2
Lots of signs like this all over the place. I think this plot of land will be for sale for quite a while:

Alternate 3
The sun does not always shine here. Monday night looked like this in the centre of Alicante:

Alternate 4
But by Tuesday afternoon things were back to normal:

Alternate 5
Thursday I took a lunchtime flight to Madrid and then on to Brussels. Just because I am cooped up in a plane does not mean that I do not look for photo opportunities:

Alternate 6
Friday morning in Brussels. We are walking from our hotel to the Commission, through Parc Leopold:

Alternate 7
Friday afternoon. The meeting is over, and I am walking back to the hotel, crossing the courtyard of the European Parliament:

Alternate 8
View of Place du Luxembourg from the Parliament:

Friday night, I was on my own money, so I moved to a cheaper hotel near Place Ste-Catherine, one of the city’s best areas for bars and restaurants, just what is needed on a Friday evening.

Alternate 9
I was in one of my favourite bars in Brussels, the Monk, just snapping randomly. There is both subject and photographer movement, but I still like it:

Alternate 10
Looking out onto the square:

Alternate 11
And finally, I was amused by the bartender’s T-shirt which says, “Do not feed the pickpockets”:


  1. all on m8 with 35mm?

    Comment by bruce — 13 February 2009 @ 00:57

  2. Hi Nathan,
    Always a worth while to open. Although I do have concern for the well being of the photographer? “bar photo with photographer and subject movment?” It appears of greater concern of the influenced “leaning angle” of the photographer?” 🙂 Naw that couldn’t be, could it?” 🙂 🙂

    good night.


    Comment by Ted Grant — 13 February 2009 @ 07:05

  3. Nice views in Brussels and it does make me feel better that it can rain in Alicante too. Nothing fishy about the woman in the Mercado Central 😉

    Comment by Wiliam Wagenaar — 13 February 2009 @ 10:05

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