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1 July 2007

Week 26: BXL evening

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My highlight of the week was a weekend spent in Brussels, attending a dinner given by Viewfinders, the English-language photography club of which I have been a member since some time in the 1990s.

But first, a couple of images from Almere, the town where I live. I was out shopping in the town centre when one of our frequent downpours hit. The Dutch are always prepared for rain…

Rain in colour:

The alternates

Alternate 1
Rain in black & white:

The remaining pictures are from that evening in Brussels. We had dinner at a restaurant on Place Ste-Catherine, one of the nicest neighbourhoods in downtown Brussels, and then moved on to the nearby Monk bar for additional imbibing.

Alternate 2
A rarity–a picture of me, taken by one of my fellow Viewfinders members:

Alternate 3
Paula, my neighbour at the table:

Alternate 4
The waiter discusses menu selection with a customer:

Alternate 5
Conversation at the Monk bar:

Alternate 6
Laughter at the Monk bar:

The last two images are also from the Monk bar. A girl at the bar caught my eye; she seemed to be waiting for someone, and that someone did not seem to be appearing…

Alternate 7
Checking her messages:

Alternate 8
Just waiting:

More images from the Brussels evening can be seen here.

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