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6 June 2009

Week 22: confined to the neighbourhood

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During the past week I have continued my recovery from the previous week’s hernia surgery. This means, among other things, that I am confined to my neighbourhood, as I am not allowed to drive. I am, fortunately, allowed to walk, and have had plenty of time to do that and record life around me with my Leica. Many of the pictures were taken during dog walks; since my dog pulls hard on the leash, my daughter or my wife would have to accompany me. They would hold the dog, I would take pictures–not a bad division of labour!

Big man, small dogs:

The alternates

Alternate 1
The area is full of trees with these pretty blue flowers:

Alternate 2
The flowers will soon disappear, most are already on the ground:

Alternate 3
A touch of the American South right here in Playa San Juan:

Alternate 4
Inside El Sitio, my (currently) favourite watering hole:

Alternate 5
Another local bar, of course with outdoor seating. I have counted around 20 bars within a radius of 500 metres from my house:

Tuesday was an important day. At 5 in the afternoon, my wife drove me to the surgeon’s office in San Vicente to have my stitches taken out. Afterwards, we celebrated with a beer on the local plaza.

Alternate 6
San Vicente is the kind of place where a man like this will spend hours sitting at his table and watching the life unfold:

Alternate 7
Three generations of females on the plaza in San Vicente:

Alternate 8
The church is the most important place in San Vicente, not so much because of what goes on inside, but because it provides a good place for hanging out for local youth:

Aside from this short trip to San Vicente, I was at home and around for the remainder of the week.

Alternate 9
Big crane, small load:

Alternate 10
Bruno is a handyman, originally from France. He installed this marquise at our house, a job I would otherwise have had to do…this hernia surgery stuff is not all bad:

Alternate 11
A couple of the many homeless cats around here:

Alternate 12
Back to El Sitio. This image is not technically perfect, but I really like the subject matter:

On Friday, I finally got fed up with being confined to this area, and took the tram to the Mercado Central. If you live near a stop, the public transport in Alicante is good, efficient and inexpensive.

Alternate 13
Two customers at the meat counter:

Alternate 14
Jesús the fishmonger in discussion with a customer:

Alternate 15
Wall art in a vacant lot near the Mercado:

Alternate 16
A señorita in a hurry:

Alternate 17
Finally, back home. Cheeta is watching a Mexican soap opera:

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  1. Big points for #12, Nathan! Nice range of shots here. Goes to show you don’t have to go far afield to get interesting matter. But 20 bars? Wow!

    Comment by Bob Whitmire — 6 June 2009 @ 13:27

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