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4 February 2008

Week 05: moving and tapas

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Last week was a busy one for us, so there are a lot of pictures. We got our things delivered from the Netherlands, I was out drinking and eating tapas, and of course in the meantime there was some time for work too…

Saturday morning–the moving van from the Netherlands has arrived:

The alternates

Alternate 1
The movers work hard, here re-assembling our piano:

Alternate 2
A well-deserved break. The guy in the truck is the Dutch driver, the other guy is Spanish, but thanks to a modicum of English, they manage to laugh and work together:

Alternate 3
Almost done–one of my most important possessions emerges:

Alternate 4
Sunday morning I took the motorcycle out for a spin for the first time since September, riding to the beach at El Campello, a bit north of here:

Alternate 5
Another picture from the walk on the beach:

The next four pictures are of my daughter Monica. One of my tasks every weekday morning is to wake her up and drive her to school. It is not always easy…

Alternate 6
First step: initial signs of life:

Alternate 7
Now some progress, she is sitting up:

Alternate 8
A major milestone: the eyes are open:

Alternate 9
Finally in the bathroom, assessing her hair:

The last five images are from Friday afternoon/evening, when our department at work held a tapas-hopping event. We left work at 1 p.m. and spent the next several hours going from one tapas bar to another.

Alternate 10
One of the bar on our itinerary:

Alternate 11
Two of my co-workers in conversation:

Alternate 12
Conversation continues:

Alternate 13
One of these girls is Italian, the other Polish, but both are equally exuberant:

Alternate 14
Finally, in one of the bars, an attractive sight through a forest of beer bellies:


  1. There are some nice ones here, Nathan. Of course, the best is the last 😉

    Oh, and who would be a daughter of yours?!

    Comment by Chris Barker — 4 February 2008 @ 10:59

  2. Very nice set Nathan. The last one appeals to me most ;-), Just like is does for Chris.

    So your daughter allows you to make photos while she is weaking up? I wouldn’t dare to try that with mine. Waking her up is not “not alway easy” as you state, but “terrible difficult everyday”. My wife has to deal with that most of the time though as I leav home at abou 6:35. Cheers.

    Comment by Wiliam Wagenaar — 5 February 2008 @ 16:58

  3. OK, by the power vested in me as senior partner in our firm, we are hereby adopting a tapas-hopping Friday afternoon. We don’t have tapas bars, but I’ll bet I can find a good substitute. I liked your image of the single malts, though I have never been able to get on board with Talisker…don’t know why.


    Comment by Ken Carney — 14 February 2008 @ 03:06

  4. So you didnt even drive the bike yourself :-), you wussy ;-). How is the full house, can you handle your woman or do they handle you?

    Life here hasnt changed that much. I still work for bork, but i got them to sell some vpn:ng’s so I made Joyce 2 happy who is our appointed sales-rep. Robin has his birthday within a few days, i might check up on him and the pies :D.

    I will be looking forward to any lunar eclipse pictures you might be taking this night… I am too lazy to get out of bed myself.

    regarding pow6 Alternate 9 is probably Axels new desktop background.

    Take care!


    Comment by Bas Steijvers — 20 February 2008 @ 23:29

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