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8 September 2008

Week 36: swans & cats

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Most of my photography this week was in Perpignan, which I have in a separate gallery ( What is here are leftovers, then, from the rest of the week, here in Alicante.

Our house is on a golf course which besides golfers contains swans and other assorted poultry. The birds have the run of the place early in the morning, before the first golfers tee off, and in the evening and night. One morning the swan family came right up to our back fence:

The alternates

Alternate 1
The papa swan did not like me sticking my lens through the fence:

Alternate 2
This and the next picture was taken last Sunday, on the way to Perpignan. Since this was the last weekend of August, a lot of people were on their way home from vacation, including many Morrocans and Algerians who live in Spain, Italy or France and who take the ferries from the Spanish coast to their home countries. They are easy to spot–their cars are always the most heavily loaded ones, with large loads on the roof. This is a rest area north of Valencia:

Alternate 3
Another couple of loads get adjusted:

Alternate 4
Jumping to Thursday afternoon, a man reading the conservative newspaper La Razón:

Alternate 5
I might title this picture contrasting colours; that is what caught my eye, anyway:

Alternate 6
A rare picture of me that is half-decent, taken by my wife. Maybe it is half-decent because I am drinking a mojito:

Alternate 7
In front of my office there is an area of bushes and shrubs which is home to a pack of stray cats, a common sight here in Spain. But these cats are relatively well off, because further down the hill are two hotels whose employees take care of them. Every morning the cats come to the back door of the Holiday Inn Express and wait for food:

The rest of the pictures are from a visit to the Mercado Central on Saturday morning. Whenever we are going to do serious cooking during the weekend, a Saturday morning trip to the market is in order, since the meat, fish and vegetables on offer there are far better and cheaper than in the supermarkets. Plus, it is more photogenic!

Alternate 8
Tuna steaks:

Alternate 9
This time, some snake oil merchants (aka chiropractors) had set up shop and were busy finding faults with people’s spines:

Alternate 10
This stand has nice vegetables, but I go there mainly to buy fresh cilantro and mint. The cilantro is for my Indian food, and the mint is for my wife’s mojitos:

Alternate 11
Here, they obviously want to attract people’s attention, and they succeeded with me:

Alternate 12
In general, I have noticed that the people selling veg are better looking than the fish- and meatmongers. I don’t know if there is some causal relationship at work:

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  1. I very much like the colors in alternate 5 and the ladies and groceries in 11 and 12.

    Comment by Wiliam Wagenaar — 8 September 2008 @ 18:40

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