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18 April 2011

Week 15: Vicente Ramos and Game Café

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I often say that the best pictures are those I take near my home. Most of the pictures from this week are taken at most 2 km away, and many are within walking distance of where I live.

Sunday afternoon my wife and I played padel against another couple. Afterwards we had a beer with our opponents at the bar in the fitness center where we play. Their two little girls (9 and 6 years old) had come along:


Alternate 1
The Girl with the Blue Tongue (sounds like the title of a Larsson novel):

Alternate 2
Later that afternoon, we went to have lunch at Mare Nostrum, a decidedly low-brow all-you-can-eat restaurant on the beach. You pay €10 to get in, beers and soft drinks are €1.50, and you just serve yourself. The variety and quality of the food is quite good, especially the paellas. This is the “please wait here” sign at the entrance:

Alternate 3
Still later in the afternoon, a couple of hundred metres down the beach promenade, Darren and his friends were performing at the Game Café:

Alternate 4
A devoted groupie (actually, Iris is the wife of the guitarist and plays the keyboards and sings) tapes the performance with her new iPad:

Alternate 5
Music is a small part of the attraction of going to the Game Café. Just as important is the life outside:

Alternate 6

Alternate 7

Alternate 8

Alternate 9
A man watches football outside a bar on Avenida Vicente Ramos, where I walk my dog every day:

Alternate 10
A rare foggy morning:

Alternate 11
A couple walks down the street in the barrio:

Alternate 12
I really like the current trend of allowing people to paint the glass recycling containers:

Alternate 13
This one is bilingual, too:

Alternate 14
Friday evening we crashed a party–a new restaurant was having its opening night party, and we just happened to walk by. Free food and wine is always a good thing:

Alternate 15
A work of art or a piece of kitsch, take your pick. This is at our local Carrefour supermarket:


  1. Another great selection! I really enjoy these snapshots of your city life.

    Life is so tame and unpopulated here.

    Very nice that you have adjusted things so that I can see the full width of each picture; much appreciated.

    I may get a set of pics posted this week – but don’t hold your breath 🙂

    Comment by Brian Swale — 18 April 2011 @ 12:08

  2. Very nice “snaps” of life. The “Girl with a Blue Tongue” is a humorous classic. (Or she needs to get medical attention right away.)

    Comment by Larry Z — 18 April 2011 @ 14:48

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