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19 December 2007

Week 50: Xmas parties, Almere

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Last week was a week of various official and unofficial Christmas events at my office in Alicante. The first, Tuesday night, was a team quiz organized by a couple of English guys. It was held at a bar 5 minutes walk from my apartment, very convenient! The rules were simple and designed for fun: men had to wear red socks and everyone was encouraged to wear a funny head cover of some sort. Cheating was allowed as long as you did not get caught. The only downside was that it was very dark; all the images were shot at ISO 1600 at f1.4 and 1/40 sec., and even then they were quite underexposed, so effectively I was shooting at ISO 3200 or even 6400.

I was part of the Scandinavian team. Here is one of my table-mates:

The alternates

Alternate 1
Some of our competitors:

Alternate 2
At the end of it all, some people required help to get to the car (no, he was not the driver):

Alternate 3
The following evening, Wednesday, our Irish web editor hosted a party at his apartment in the centre of Alicante. This French lady was of course enlisted to cut the cheese:

Then we shift to the Netherlands. Friday morning I flew to Amsterdam to spend another weekend with my family, and to bring our dog and cat to Alicante the following Monday. In other words, this was the last weekend ever with the entire family gathered in Almere.

Alternate 4
It was cold in Spain last week, but it was much colder in the Netherlands. This is the small fish pond in our garden:

Alternate 5
The wild berries along my dog walk were both half-eaten and frozen:

Alternate 6
I took one last opportunity to photograph Cheeta sticking her snout through the cat door, a habit that has amused us over the years:

Alternate 7
And finally, on Sunday afternoon Cheeta is getting used to the cage in which she will fly from Amsterdam to Alicante the next morning:

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  1. A nice group of photos..Moving is a huge pain, I am sure you know that.
    We are still deluged with boxes from our recent move.

    Comment by Mervin Stewart — 19 December 2007 @ 22:02

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