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23 November 2008

Week 47: Estación de Murcia

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The images this week fall into two distinct groups. The first 7 are from a motorcycle ride last weekend where I stopped to photograph some abandoned buildings that I pass frequently but never had time to stop and have a closer look. The remaining images (from alt7 onwards) are from Wednesday and Thursday when we had some rain in Alicante, a pretty rare occurrence.

This is Estación de Murcia, an abandoned train station that I pass every day on my way to work. The building still gives hints of former glory but is in a state of advanced disrepair. There is a discussion going on right now what to do with the building. This is what is left of the big RENFE sign over the main entrance (RENFE is the Spanish railway operator):

The alternates

Alternate 1
Close-up of what used to be the clock:

Alternate 2
The back side of the building:

Alternate 3
Nature is slowly beginning to take over:

Alternate 4
The wall of the station now serves as a gigantic poster board:

Alternate 5
Here is another abandoned place, a chapel near the airport in El Altet:

Alternate 6
The main building. I am really curious about who built this place and why it has been abandoned:

Alternate 7
On Wednesday and Thursday we had some rain. In the morning there was still some sunshine, giving rise to glorious views from our terrace at work:

Alternate 8
Wednesday afternoon, just before going home, I was on the terrace having a cigarette and saw this view in the distance. The setting sun just managed to illuminate the top of the mountain that I also see from my house:

Alternate 9
Earlier in the day. Not many people will be eating lunch outside today, although a few hardy smokers are visible in the background:

Alternate 10
Rain on the table:

Alternate 11
By Thursday evening the rain was gone. I had an errand in the centre of Alicante and took a walk to record some post-rain scenes, like this small park near the Corte Ingles department store:

Alternate 12
One of the small streets in the barrio:

Alternate 13
It is winter (by Alicante standards), so the roasted chestnut vendors are out on the streets:

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