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24 February 2009

Week 07: Alicante fuzz

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This is one of those weeks during which I did not make any exciting trips so I show the slices of late winter life in Alicante.

It is common to see various advertisements stuck onto lightpoles around here. Most are people offering their services or simply looking for low-end work. This one is a Bolivian fortune-teller. What struck me is not the advert itself but the fact that so many people have actually torn off the phone number. The crisis must be really biting and people are willing to try anything:

The alternates

Alternate 1
At the weekend I went for a walk in the harbour:

Alternate 2
In the area which hosted the Volvo Ocean Race in October there was a fair where all the local security forces, police, fire brigades etc. showed off their kit and let people (especially children) try it out:

Alternate 3
I don’t know if she actually has her own Segway or whether she stole one from the police:

Alternate 4
Actually, I would like one of those motorcycles myself:

Alternate 5
The Guardia Civil stand:

Alternate 6
The water planes were among the most popular attractions:

Alternate 7
I often stop by the Postiguet beach in the centre on my way home from work, just to take a walk on the promenade:

Alternate 8
While the water in the Mediterranean is still too cold, at least for the locals, other beach activities can be enjoyed:

Alternate 9
One of my dog walk pictures–a family driving lesson on Avenida Vicente Ramos:

Alternate 10
Thursday morning my relatives from Florida came to visit us for 3 weeks. I drove to Madrid early in the morning to pick them up. On the way, I stopped for coffee at dawn somewhere in Castilla La Mancha. It was cold and crisp:

Alternate 11
My wife has recently started singing in the parents’ choir of our daughter’s school, Escuela Europea de Alicante. Thursday evening she participated in a concert for the first time. People have somewhat funny expressions when they sing:

Alternate 12
Friday evening we went out for dinner in the barrio (old part of town). I wish my dog were this well-behaved:

Alternate 13
Saturday morning we went to buy some food in the Mercado Central, which always provides me with photo opportunities. Here there is some extra meat on the counter:

Alternate 14
Buying fish is serious business:

Alternate 15
We bought some extremely fresh salmon and ate it for lunch. The lemon wedges for garnishment came from our garden:


  1. i see the beginnings of a book: la vida alicantena. a review of the daily aspects of life od which the locals are probably unaware.

    miss that land so much ………


    Comment by bruce — 24 February 2009 @ 10:30

  2. This time I especially like the colorfull alt 11. Why didn’t you tell us which one is your wife though?

    Comment by Wiliam Wagenaar — 2 March 2009 @ 20:14

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