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5 March 2010

Week 08: a different look at Bath

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All of this week’s pictures are from my weekend visit to Bath, where my son is studying engineering. I have put up a proper gallery here, but the pictures here serve a different purpose; rather than showing the beauty of Bath they show what I did during that weekend 🙂 The images are arranged in strict chronological order.

Arrival at Bristol airport Friday afternoon:


Alternate 1
Once in Bath, I checked into my hotel and went to the local Sainsbury to buy some toiletries (when I travel I usually buy toothpaste, aftershave etc. at my destination, that way I only have to bother with the Ziplock bags one way):

Alternate 2
Once that was taken care of, it was time to refill at the pub next to the hotel:

Alternate 3
Then we went to have dinner at Tilley’s Bistro, a wonderful restaurant in the centre of town which is too expensive for my son’s student budget, so I always take him there when I come to visit:

Alternate 4
The chef at work:

Alternate 5
After work, back to Huntsman Pub next to my hotel:

Alternate 6
Saturday morning I woke up before 6 a.m. and as is my habit, I went for a walk as soon as the sun had risen. At this bus stop it was evident that some hungry young people had been there the night before:

Alternate 7
Even though Bath is quite a distance from the sea, there are lots of seagulls:

Alternate 8

Alternate 9
Even mundane businesses in Bath tend to have something hip about them:

Alternate 10
Later Saturday morning, around 11, my son got up and we went to the local market to do some grocery shopping financed by Dad. Next to the local mega-Sainsbury there is a wonderful farmers’ market. Compared to the Spanish markets I usually frequent it is much more polished, but still nice. Here is a combination, a veggie vendor playing guitar while waiting for customers:

Alternate 11
Sainsbury forecourt, in decidedly unexciting weather:

Alternate 12
We then went for lunch at a pub. In this image we have three great English things–a delicious pie, an equally delicious pint, and my Billingham bag:

Alternate 13
Later in the afternoon, we watched the rugby match between England and Ireland:

Alternate 14
Late in the game, Ireland scored a try to win the game, to the general despair of English fans:

Alternate 15
In the evening, we went to another favourite watering hole, the Hobgoblin:

Alternate 16
Toilet door at the Hobgoblin:

Alternate 17
Hobgoblin toilet, good reading while peeing:

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