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13 April 2008

Week 15: Beach stuff

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It was a bit of a slow week, photographically speaking. Many of my pictures, especially during slow weeks, are from the beach, simply because we live 800 metres from it, and we use it more than I expected when we moved here (I am not a beach bum and regard swimming as a useful skill if I am ever on a boat that capsizes, but not as a leisure pursuit). My favourite way to enjoy the beach is to sit in an outside bar with something cold in my hand and looking at the human traffic.

And that is exactly what we did Sunday afternoon.

My wife. I like this picture because of the reflections in her sunglasses:

The alternates

Alternate 1
While sipping a cold beer, I was just looking around. The cute dog waiting to cross with its owner caught my eye:

Alternate 2
A beer or so later, the same woman came back from her beach walk with her dogs, confirming once again that dog owners look like their dogs:

Alternate 3
We then moved down towards the city and met the same sand sculptor whom I photographed a couple of weeks ago. He had a different sculpture this time:

Alternate 4
Earlier that day, I was walking my dog and we came across this cat, sitting on the fence:

Alternate 5
Once the cat decided that my dog and I were too close for comfort, he majestically sauntered away:

The next 3 pictures are actually just a lens test. I had ordered a 1.4 Olympus teleconverter and wanted to test it Thursday afternoon on my way home from work. I was especially interested in seeing how it would behave with a “non-compatible” lens, in this case my 100mm Leica Apo Macro Elmarit. As you can see, it worked fine, although the images do show the limitations of handholding what amounts to a 280mm lens (in film terms).

Alternate 6
I parked on a good spot overlooking a coastal road to try out my long lens outfit. This couple on their motorcycle obliged by parking down below:

Alternate 7
After taking off their helmets, they admired the waves for a moment:

Alternate 8
…and proceeded to “eat face”, unaware they there were being watched by an amateur paparazzo:

The last two images are from “our” beach Saturday morning.

Alternate 9
A fisherman enjoys the peaceful sea:

Alternate 10
…at least for a short while:

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